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Bring Your Target Within Reach


Move beyond a traditional set up

The FreeClimb® system powered by Tenzing®—the first bi-axial system with minimal ledge effect

The pioneering FreeClimb system with atraumatic Tenzing delivery catheter provides superior deliverability and performance for time-efficient procedures.

Eliminates the need for a microcatheter in 100% of cases1*

Reduces the need for a a guidewire in more than 70% of cases1*

Designed for rapid advancement without crossing the clot

  • Vessel-matched catheter solutions
clot information

*Data on file for FreeClimb 70 reperfusion system

1.Settecase F, Kim W, Sivapatham T, et al. Improved Catheter Delivery for Aspiration Thrombectomy Using Tenzing 7 Ledge Reducing Catheter and FreeClimb 70. Neuroradiology. 2023.

2 Tonetti A. Daniel, Bhattacharyya Meghna, Koneru Manisha, et al. Novel Tenzing 7 Delivery Catheter for Thrombectomy in Acute Stroke: A Clinical Multicenter Experience. Stroke: Vascular and Interventional Neurology. 2023.

Streamlined Solutions

Advanced neurointerventional systems engineered for:

Superior deliverability

High procedural efficiency

Improved durability

FreeClimb® 54 reperfusion system

with Tenzing 5 delivery catheter

Designed to work harmoniously to swiftly and predictably aspirate in the distal vasculature beyond the M1.

FreeClimb® 70 reperfusion system

with Tenzing 7 delivery catheter

A large-bore reperfusion system designed to rapidly and safely aspirate – even in tortuous anatomy.

FreeClimb® 88 catheter system

with Tenzing 8 delivery catheter

A super-bore catheter system designed for superior deliverability to the ICA and beyond.

Base Camp Sheath

Base Camp® sheath

The Base Camp sheath provides custom-sized access and a stable base for optimized delivery of Route 92 large-bore and super-bore catheter systems.

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Multi-axial versus bi-axial set-up

A traditional catheter set-up compared to the Route 92 Medical bi-axial set-up.

FreeClimb 70 reperfusion system animation

An advanced neurointervention system that is designed to provide superior performance – even in the most tortuous anatomy. Play video