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Advancing Neurovascular Intervention™

Route 92 Medical is continually striving to improve outcomes for patients undergoing neurovascular intervention.

At our core is

A reconsidered procedural approach

Cutting-edge engineering

Innovative product design

Our portfolio takes aim at unmet neurointervention needs to deliver more meaningful solutions.

Time is brain. Are you optimizing yours?

Recent data reveal that current approaches to neurointervention are moderately effective and have limitations:

Limited Access

Large-bore catheters are often not able to navigate through tortuous curves and past vessel origins1

Time Consuming

Conventional devices can take too long to reach a target location

Failure Rate

Current technologies have high rates of failure in reaching the target location

No All-In-One Solution

Clinicians often must create “work-arounds” to make devices from different companies work together

Elevate Your Approach

Learn how Route 92 Medical is overcoming these limitations with advanced products and an innovative approach.

Snake Tenzing

Featuring FreeClimb™ Catheter Systems, powered by Tenzing®

The FreeClimb 70 and FreeClimb 88 catheter systems are advanced neurointervention systems designed to provide superior performance—even in the most tortuous anatomy.

Refining Access

Introducing the Monopoint® Reperfusion System

The SUMMIT MAX trial is currently underway to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the Monopoint Reperfusion System. The platform was designed to streamline delivery and enable super-bore aspiration at the most common stroke targets.

CAUTION: Investigational device. Limited by federal (or United States) law to investigational use.

Transforming Intervention