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Mountain Range

Bring Your Target Within Reach

refining access

freeclimb catheter

FreeClimb™ Catheter, Powered by Tenzing®

The FreeClimb catheter system is an advanced access system that is designed to provide superior performance — even in the most tortuous anatomy.

This system brings the FreeClimb catheter together with the Tenzing delivery catheter — and the Base Camp® sheath — to provide a refined bi-axial set up for increased efficiency to help clinicians:

  • Reach the target site without guidewire in 71% of cases*
  • Streamline delivery with large-bore (070) and super-bore (088) catheters

*Reference: Frölich AM, et al. J NeuroIntervent Surg 2020;0:1–5. doi:10.1136/neurintsurg-2020-016412

Engineered for Optimal Synergy

Base Camp Sheath

Base Camp® Sheath:

For Access & Stability

The Base Camp sheath provides access and a stable base for delivering large-bore and super-bore catheters from a single rotating hemostatic valve (RHV).

Snake Tenzing

FreeClimb™ Catheter:

Designed for Ultimate Deliverability, Durability & Efficiency

FreeClimb 70 large-bore and FreeClimb 88 super-bore catheters are designed for superior deliverability in a single step by eliminating the need for a microcatheter and guidewire for increased efficiency and durability.

Tenzing catheter

Tenzing® Delivery Catheter:

For Streamlined Navigation to the Target Site

The Tenzing delivery catheter features a tapered, atraumatic tip designed to follow the natural flow of blood and seek the primary vessel.

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